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The company "AGROVED" began its work in 2015 to sell products based on salts of humic and fulvic acids of high quality, annually expanding the range. Today, the product line includes drugs with a multifaceted effect on the plant, soil and microorganisms of the rhizosphere.

The company's products have already proven to be a reliable assistant to Ukrainian farmers in matters of stimulating the growth and nutrition of plants, prevention and leveling of stress of various origins. Fertigum® and Fulvit® have an effective effect on all crops grown in Ukraine.

Product efficiency
proven by research
proven by research
based on experience
based on experience
for a successful outcome
for a successful outcome

Our manufacturers

Criteria for selecting manufacturers whose products we will supply to the Ukrainian market, primarily high-quality raw materials, modern production technologies and certified laboratories.

2000 га

Every year they are under industrial research

30 %

Our products are innovative in the field of agricultural technologies

150 тис. га

The land has been cultivated by Fertigum® and Fulvit® in 2021

1000 +

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42 countries

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0,4 л/га The combination of active substances strengthens the cell membrane and increases the content of soluble sugars and potassium.
70 г/л Amino acids of plant origin
0,4 л/га Expert in preparing plants for winter
130 г/л Salts of humic acids


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